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WOW named as alone game with the weakened Social function

Posted Jun 18 2013 6:26am

Mists of Pandaria in the middle of Buy FIFA 13 Coins a version change of the loss of 1.3 million players, World of Warcraft players led to a big discussion. 10 copies of the decline, apathy social relationships, unreasonable day-to-day tasks and reputation is considered to be the main reason for the lukewarm social game players particularly unhappy. The irony and sadness, this epoch-making classic online game players in operation eight years later, he was known as a stand-alone game.More players gathered in the largest WOW Azeroth the National Geographic discuss causes and vent their dissatisfaction. Reporters to enter the main forum found that the theme of the loss of players everywhere, often lead to tens to hundreds of reply. The views of the players are mainly concentrated in the 10 copies of the decline, apathy social relationships, day-to-day tasks and prestige of the unreasonable, the difficulty of game design issues. A lot of players that Blizzard is trying to revive the 25 team is beyond reproach, but should not be at the expense of the destruction of a group of 10 people.

In version 5.2, the group of 25 Level +8 design, making the presence of a group of 10 people to become tasteless high degree of difficulty, small benefit.Cold relations of people in the game, but also led to the resonance of all players, which is also considered as one of the reasons is difficult to integrate into WOW Gold. A lot of players will be the status quo due to inter-service game mechanics and random copy and hope Blizzard can create new and new people, new environment to communicate with the elderly.Players shingo18 questioned, If playing online games can not make friends, and stand-alone What's the difference?
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