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Why I’m Choosing Me

Posted May 12 2010 12:00am

Why I’m Choosing Me (cross-posted from the Choose You Blog )

Hi, my name is Catherine Morgan, I’m a single mother of two teenagers (Brian 19, Nicole 16), and they are my reason for wanting to “choose me” and make healthy changes in my life. I was so happy to hear about the Choose You campaign by the American Cancer Society. The timing was perfect. For health reasons, I really need to get serious about eating healthier and getting more exercise. Not only am I excited about making some Choose You commitments, but I’m honored to have also been asked to be part of the Choose You Blog .

You see…up until recently, I’ve been falling prey to emotional eating , mainly due to the stresses of selling my home and moving into another. And I haven’t just fallen off the healthy eating wagon, I’ve crashed and burned. It’s not a pretty sight. I’ve been eating all kinds of sweets and junk food, most of which I don’t even like. Go figure. The last few weeks have actually been way beyond emotional eating, I think a more accurate term would be eating insanity.

I believe the first step in healing is admitting you have a problem, so here goes.

Catherine, you have a problem, and it’s time to try and fix it.

Now, to start. There is no “quick fix” when it comes to eating healthy, so I’m starting off slow. My short-term plan is to cut out the unhealthy sugars (like cookies, candy, cakes, and ice-cream). I know that I need to tackle this issue before any other, because it’s the one that is most like an addiction for me. [I recently posted on a new study that shows junk food is as addicting as cocaine .] I can go months and months without eating sugar (not even craving it), but once I start eating it again, it’s all over. That’s why I’m making cutting out sugar my first Choose You commitment. I’ll be taking the next two weeks to get the sugar out of my system.

Once I’m successful at cutting out the sugar, my next steps will be to eat healthy, get more exercise, and hopefully lose some weight. It’s going to take time, but I’m ready for the challenge. I’ll be posting here once a week…and I could use all the support I can get from you in comments.

Wish me luck.

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Catherine is the mother of two teenagers, she writes about health & wellness at BlogHer and .

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