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Whole Food Nutrition

Posted Feb 04 2010 10:07am 2 Comments

A diet rich in nutrition from fruits and vegetables is also important to protect DNA from oxidative damage, which can weaken the structural integrity of DNA.  DNA becomes damaged and fragile when exposed to oxidative stress; antioxidants from fruits and vegetables can help protect DNA from this damage.  Studies prove a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have a reduction in DNA damage.  Eat whole food and supplement with whole food.

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Whole fruits and vegetables that are not organic often have sufficient metals and pesticide residues.  These create oxidative stress and undue the benefits of the natural antioxidants.  For this reason, it's important to eat all organic and to wash your food in pure  (not chlorinated) water.
Thank you Janis.  That is true.  Organic fruits and vegetables also have much more nutritional value to them.  If you cannot afford all organics then choose you thick skin items that peel off to not be organic.  The cells are nourished by fruits and vegetables.
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