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while walking on a trail I suddenly feel the legs weak and the whole body drops to the ground. I am still conscious

Posted by koreansalsa

While walking on a trail I suddently feel the legs weak and the whole body drops to the ground.  I am still conscious but have not control of my legs, arms an head.  The whole body becomes limp.  Any effort to lift the legs or the arms is in vain.  It has happeend six times in the last five weeks.  The first two times it happened while traveling in Italy.  I have high blood pressure and take Tiazac 300mg and Maxzide 25mg daily.  I also had two brain aneurysm but were fixed.  One in 1988 and the second one in 2004.  Had both hands operated on March 2010.  I started drinking distilled water.  About three months ago I bought a machine that makes distilled water.  I drink almost a gallon daily.  No sodium diet due to my blood pressure.   Used to walk four miles daily but no walking for three days now.  Drink a cup or two of coffee every three or four days.  Lots of fruits and vegies.  Very little wine.  I had lots of test done for the heart and nothing showed.  They told me the heart is fine.  I have palpitations and upper chest pain at times.   Thank you I hope you will guide me in the right direction. 
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