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What is wrong with me?

Posted by annB

I have been abnormally exhausted for five month now, I am also experiencing extreme weakness, headaches, nausa, pins and needles, extremely cold hands and feet, toes go blue, aches and pains all over my body, sore throat from time to time, raised right gland time to time, stomach pains like a gripping pain, twitching in legs and arms, blurred vision, temor in right hand, heaviness in neck and head, unable to walk at any distance without legs shaking.  Pain in lower back and on the sole of right foot.  I get confused very easy easily, unable to remember thing done yesterday but can from years ago, unable to concentrate, foggy brain.  Also from time to time I get the most painful dental pain, all my teeth feel so painful I cry with it, I can not chew, brush teeth, drink hot or cold drinks.  Pain behind my eye and don't light bright lights or nagging background noise.  Please help, my Dr seem very hostile to the terms CFS/ME and is offering no support except sincing me off work.
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Hi annB,

I am sorry that your doctor does not offer you any support! Can you switch? Did he run some tests at least? While I think it is wrong for him to to be hostile towards you, I think some doctors do not like when patients come to them already with an idea of what it could be. 

The thing about CFS is that while symptoms are dfefinitely very real, there is no real ONE cause (as far as we know) for it. It is more a host of symptoms. Everybody experiences them differently. In the end it does not really matter whether or not you have CFS or what you realy call your "illness" (as long it is not something the doctor can diagnose). What matters is what you can do in order to get better.

 The human body is complex and interconnected. There are so many things that can affect a person. Some of the symptoms you described can all be symptoms of a poor diet. There is too much information to go into details. But if you have not already considerd nutrition, start writing doen everything and how much you eat. If you ever go to somebody to get help (or if you want to research this yourself) this will really help. It could be nutrient deficincies, or nutrient toxicity (taking too much of a vitamin/minral, most likely through supplements), food intolerances (they can suddenly emerge as symptoms) and many more. 

Also, exhaustion is a cycle. When you are tired you don't move a lot and when you don't move a lot your energy levels go down. Ask anybody who started exercising how it changes their energy levels, you would be surprised what a difference it can make! But the problem is how do you start to exercise when you are so tired and ill... it is important to keep in mind that everything counts. Even if you can just push yourself to move your legs a little (bicycle motion) when lying down, it is a step in the right direction. People with CFS have had great success with graded exercise therapy (google it!). 

I eat a very healthy diet and feel generally well, but there are times when I get stressed out or just distracted by a major event in my life when I forget to take care of myself, neglect eating and exercising. You would not belive how quickly I start to experience symptoms very similar to yours. Ultimately when you don't take in enough energy for your body (food) yo you will feel weak, your body is weak, you can't defend yourself against infectins (sore throat) you don't produce enough heat (cold feet/hands) you get likely nauseaus, your tummy can hurt because there is just acid in your stomach (no food) and your normal body functions (vision, muscle control, brain function) all start to decline because they do neither have enough energy nor enough vitamins/minerals. 

 While I do not know if this applies to you (I do not know how you take care of yourself) it sis worth thinking about it. If you have any more concerns, email me through my blog and let me know what you eat etc.

Don't give up, There is always a way to feel better. Life is too short to live it in pain like this. 


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