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what is this?!!!

Posted by freaksgirl

i feel tired all the time,every single day.

i feel like my muscles are weak or i cant do regualr everyday things anymore. and i take vitamins and i have to take a water pill 2 times a day b/c i had Psudotumor Ceribri. i just cant figure out what is wrong with me!!! I want the energy i use to 20 yrs old.

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It sounds like you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!  I feel your pain.  I've never had the energy of people my age.  You have to get enough sleep, and as un-fun as it is, it's necessary.  I go to bed no later than 9 on work nights and usually no later than 10 on weekends.  I need 9 hours of sleep every night and that's just the way it is.  You have to put your body first.  Partying is fun, but the payoff is not worth it (in my opinion).  I'd rather be in bed.
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