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what does it mean when you sleep to much and your cold all the time?

Posted by deangelalashawn

I am cold and I sleep a lot. And i wanted to know what it is wrong.

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Off the cuff, you might be hypothyroid or anemic or both.  Talk to your family physician about this.  Testing is simple (blood draw) and relatively inexpensive.

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid.  It's associated with undesired weight gain, fatigue, loss of energy, excessive tiredness manifesting as sleeping all the time, and cooler core body temperature than usual.  If your blood tests (TSH, Free T4 & Free T3) confirm this, the solution is simple.  There are many brands, as well as generic forms, of thyroid medication, available only by prescription.

You need to get monitored regularly as you don't want too much thyroid medicine as it may cause your heart to race or your hands to get shaky & tremulous.

Anemia can also make you feel tired & cold.  The key question to ask is why are you anemic?  If you're menstruating heavily, then we ask if we can control your menses (usually w/hormonal contraception).  If you're older and especially if you're not menstruating, we worry about colon cancer in those older than 50 years of age.  Peptic ulcers can also cause loss of blood.  Has there been any change to the appearance of your stool?  Ribbon flat or pencil thin or black, tarry stools are all worrisome.  

I suppose depression could also make you sleepy but I'm not convinced it would make you cold.

Best advice I can give you is to go see your family physician.  Good luck! 

thank you for your answer (I will go to the doctor)
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