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Weathering the Storm

Posted Jul 05 2010 12:00am
This is a prevarication post as I'm supposed to be doing some work towards the community group I belong to. But time for another coffee and a rest before I get going on that. I've got some letters to send out.

I want to say thank you to Dominique for my 'One Lovely Blog' Award. I'm very flattered and feel very touched by the lovely things she said about my writing. I feel completely unable, however, to nominate 15 blogs in return.  I follow so many now and they each have something special to contribute. Inevitably somebody would get left out. In honour of all the blogs I follow I updated my blog roll in my sidebar to include all of them and a heading of the last post.

I've realised that writing and following blogs is how I relax. I can go into that world where I am understood and feel completely at home.

We've had a better week this week and feel we've weathered a little storm. On Saturday afternoon the three of us went fishing. I haven't fished since my teens and it felt good to be doing the old rituals of putting the maggot on the hook and watching the float. Little R was pulling minnows out every few minutes. I caught a few but always had to get AJ to unhook them as they kept swallowing the whole thing. Once I struck too hard and pulled the hook up just to find a little fish lip which was actually still moving. Euwww! At that point I gave up and vowed only to catch fish I could eat from then on. How did I ever do this?

Several times that day I thought of the man who became my surrogate Father. He was my friend's Dad and the kind of bloke who knew about everything. He kept an eye on me, taught me to fish, to row, to catch shrimps at the seaside. He always made sure I was warm enough and safe crossing the road that divided their house and ours. He had been a fireman and one evening knocked at our door carrying a bucket of water. He'd spotted that our chimney was on fire and he put it out for us. When he died about fifteen years ago I was devastated. It was people like him that I met along my journey that made a huge difference in my life. My daughter still sails at the club he helped to found and his daughter and I are lifelong friends. So his influence continues to make a positive difference in our lives.

After the fishing I started to crash on the way back to the car and spent yesterday mostly resting. A Little R weekend is always tiring, even a good one. He's a bit conflicted about me as his Mother has been feeding him disinformation. He feels disloyal to her if he shows any liking towards me so we've agreed to 'high five' instead of hug. He has a lovely relationship with his Dad and they both seem to pick up where they left off two weeks before, so the gap, although a long time for both of them, is not diminishing their bond. It's not an ideal situation, but it's good enough for the time being.

Hey, I've got stuff to do. Ta ta for now.
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