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Posted Aug 22 2010 12:00am
If you are a Star Trek fan you'll know what I mean when I say my 'inertial dampers are offline'. If you're not, let me explain. The inertial dampers are the thingummyjigs that keep the ship steady and stop the crew being thrown around like so many eggs in a shopping basket. I've carried out a 'level three diagnostic' and I'm 'losing containment' in my 'warp core'. So we'll either have to eject the warp core or abandon ship. Not an option Captain, the ejecty thing is also offline, but we can try strengthening the containment field by rerouting the whatsits through the pattern buffers. Ok, B'elanna, but make it quick. B'elanna pauses for a moment. 'Computer, bacon sarnie!'.

Jo necks a bacon sarnie and two cups of coffee and feels slightly better.

Captain - 'Nice work B'elanna'
Tom - 'Helm is responding'
Captain - 'Mr Paris, get us out of here. Engage!'

Jo heaves herself out of bed and staggers towards the bathroom - thus beginning day 2,191 with CFS.
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