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Vitamin B12 Injection

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:03pm

Although it wasn’t significant, Vitamin B12 injection helped me.

It slightly adjusted my strange sleep cycle towards normal. It temporary stopped mild IBS. And I temporary felt I had slightly more energy and strength in muscles.

With the sudden feelings of being okay, I caught up with some housekeeping duties on Thursday. Naturally, I suffer from Post Exertional Malaise on Friday. But I didn’t crash. :-)

Saturday, I was feeling weak again. I thought the payback was still going. I crashed again in the evening. At this time, I realised that the effect of B12 injection has gone.

Later I was informed by online friends that it is normal that the B12 injection could only last for 2 to 3 days. Bummer! :-\ As the injection’s effect wears off, my fatigue level has worsen and whole muscle was aching like tiny stabs of pins and needles…

I want the injection again…

~ * ~

I was asked by Carissa about B12 Injection via Twitter as she has just started daily B12 self injection. Since I had no idea about the injection, she ended up giving me more info. Thank you, Carissa. ;-)

According to her, the B12 course she is taking is supposed to remove (”scavenge”) toxic levels of Nitric Oxide from her cells, and should help with brain fog, sleep, and energy levels.

That made sense and I did my little google search. I found two informative articles; Dr Myhill’s CFS and B12 page and ProHealth’s “ Using vitamin B12 for the management of CFS ” by Charles Lapp MD.

With both treatment methods, the frequency of injection is much more than monthly, it’s more like weekly or twice/three times a week regardless of normal blood test result…

I’m assuming that the B12 injection is not approved as treatment for ME/CFS in Queensland, therefore, the best I could get is monthly injection based on B12 deficiency on blood test.

It’s frustrating that I cannot have frequent injection knowing it is safe, economical and most importantly effective.

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