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Vendor website for arts/crafts by the chronically ill?

Posted Jun 28 2013 7:40pm
So, to start, an update I guess. Feeling pretty down lately, my stupid jaw is not getting much better (can't open much to eat or talk) and my legs still hurt. Can't do much of anything and it's been putting me in total panic mode! I can't be on antibiotics indefinitely and I'm missing primo opportunity to make myself better. Sigh. I spend my days heating my jaw and don't know what else to do with myself. Hopefully things right themselves soon!

Anyway, I just found a pretty nifty site that (partnered with National Geographic) sells art, furniture, jewelry, etc by individuals from poorer communities all over the world (Mexico, Ghana, India, etc). It's philanthropic in overtones since you're supporting these people's livelihoods. I don't know how much they take off the top, but it's still a cool idea (and plus I love international wares!). In case anyone's curious, it's

But looking at it gave me an idea. I know some people who are ill have taken up arts and crafts as a way to spend time and, well, help feel fulfilled in some way. What if there was a website for those that are ill to tell their story and sell their craft to support themselves somewhat? They could keep the money or donate it to a charity, their choosing. Does anyone know if something like this exists? And if not, anyone have any thoughts on whether this is viable? I've also been considering a career change to something web-based (design and web programming) that I can do from home, and this would be a great project to work on if there's merit to it.

If anyone would be kind enough to share their thoughts, I'd much appreciate it!

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