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Update on my Bioressonance Treatment in Munich (Post 14)

Posted Dec 02 2008 3:06am

My last Experimental Research Tourism Trip (Munich)

These are the data of the doctor in case you are interested.

Dr. Axel Konold
Medicina Bioenergetica
Genetic Inmunologist
Specialist in Diagnostic and treatment
Telefono: +4989393202

The nurse is called Wennrich, she speaks a bit English
There is another nurse that speaks french called Arlette Segolane

Treatment spectrum:
Multiple Esclerosis, Colitis ulcerosa, Polyarthritis, Arterioesclerosis...
Bioenergia y Terapia de cander
Psico-inmune distress status


Maffeistrasse 3
80333 Munich

The man speaks very little english, but he could be a crack or a great ripp off. Really depends on how open minded you are about holistic medicine. To me personally, I gave him the chance to fix what he saw wrong inside me, is a mix between faith and facts that lead me to this decission. Besides, although I feel now so much better now, I still have recurrent infections, orthostatic intolerance, tiredness and an altered immune system by lab test.

This guy has his practice in Munich, and although he is a doctor, he focus on bioresonance to treat his patients, he has even treated people with cancer and HIV claiming to have god results with them. You really have to make an exercise of faith regarding these issues. His system is a bit science fiction, but I have seen with my own eyes and listened with my own ears things that make me consider there is a point of trueth in the whole thing, i will explain mysel now...

He has a machine of bioresonance, that we can call "hardware", and then he has about 100 trays filled with bottles that we can consider "software". Each little bottle contains especific information: virus, tumors, chakras, meridians, genetic profiles, you name it... you hold a steel barr in your left hand that is connected to the machine, and he holds a electrical pen that is also connected to the machine and to a couple of plastified pages that cover each tray. When he touches you, the machine pronounce a strong noice and the counter goes above 50, and that means that you do not have any of the things contained in the tray. When the machine sounds less and the counter does not go beyond 30, then he knows he has to find out which bottle in the tray is your problem, and goes one by one until he finds out.

I could see how my Epstein Barr Virus showed up during the diagnostic, the counter did not surpassed 30, and the sound was low. Nevertheless he mentioned that EBV was not the main problem, it was a secondary problem. The main problem were some parasites that he found in the linfatic system of the liver and in the intestines. He also found two types of borrelia inside me, but he clarified that is not from a tick bite, the borrelia came from the parasites that live in my linfatic system and is at intracelular level, therefore it would not show up in a blood test.

This is a summary of what he saw:

Immune System:

Borreliosis afzelii
Borreliosis japonica
Two types of parasites in the liver: Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola buski

Genetic Profile: He found a genetic problem that gives me predisposition for a failure in the Central nervous system and also some blockage at a psychosomatic level that affect the vegetative-motor function. He sustains that stress is always the trigger to develop an illness that you are predisposed to have.

Part of the vocabulary used here might be incorrect, given that communication was difficult, although I had an interpreter.
The relevant part here is the "software" or little bottles, which is his own research, and that is the key for success in someone that applies bioresonance, because the machine is available for any body that pays 30.000 $ for it, the skills you learn from basics and develop what he did.

I came back in 3 weeks for treatment and this is what he treated:
Fasciola Buskii (liver, linfatic system, W.O. and RESII)
Fasciola Hepatica (W.O. and RESII)
Boreliosis Afzetii (Heart, W.O. and RESII)
Borreliosis Japonica (W.O. , RESII and 2nd Chakra)
Epstein Barr Virus (heart)
Central Psycogenetic Immune Dysfunction (DNA, RESII, OHNE)

I had improved A LOT with Dr. Josepa Rigau restablishing my immune system, but I stil carry some glitches, my nausea has dissapeared but not my fatigue at a lesser degree, neither my irritable bowel, or sincopes, recurrent infections, I am not soved 100%, but I am lets sat at 70% of my capacity, versus 40% that I used to be one year ago.

It is a bit amazing the things he has seen without telling him my medical history... He has detected several bacteria, parasites and virus:
Epstein Barr Virus
Borrelia Japonica
Borrelia Afdelii
Fasciola Hepatica
Fasciola Buski

Now, he tells me that they are installed in my linfatic sistem, in the liver, in the instestines, the thiroyd gland, and my heart. He tells me that my heart has a double infection by EBV and borrelia, and that it has damaged my mitral valve...

The amaizing thing is that I did run 2 eco doppler with a cardiologist in Spain in 2007 and 2008, and actually the study showed a left ventricular diastolic disfunction that it has resolved in 2008, but leaving a small failure in my mitral valve and the muscle of my heart. The cardiologist assumed that it was due to EBV infection. Besides I tested positive in a Tilt test having a induced syncope through a pill of nitroglicerin, which means that I have cardiovascular problem and I need to avoid standing still, high temperatures, big meals, etc...

So basically this other doctor in Munich has been able to see that with his bioressonance technique, therefore I was very enthusiastic, because with this treatment he was going to kill them all with bioressonance. Without a single antibiotic!! And further on, this infections are not possible to be detected by regular doctors, because it would not show up in the blood, because they are inside of the cells, at intracellular level..

During the week of treatment I felt quite well in Munich, but when I came back to Spain I had a relapse of nausea and fatigue symptoms and I wondered how good this treatment had been for me. Fortunatelly 10 days later I have to admit that I am feeling much better and more stable. Althoug still is a bit soon to give you and objective opinion of the effectiveness of this treatment, I promise to update you on how my symptoms and health evolution has been at the end of this year. By then I will also have my serology test and immune lab test done and I can more objectively compare how significant has been my improvement.

Best regards

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