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Update 2.15.10

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:00am
Made it back from Cincy just in the nick of a snowstorm! Not just that, but as I walked back to my apartment I noticed my doormat was submerged under about 20 pounds of icicles that had fallen from the roof. Talk about barely escaping the jaws of death--I prefer my head un-impaled thank you very much.

I wasn't digging doc so much as I drove to Cincy and was laid to waste for all intents and purposes when I got there. My HPA axis and heart seemed to be on overdrive for 2 straight days after tx, but I just pushed through. I know that probably makes some readers upset (doctors saying "you just need to exercise" come to mind), but I only decided to do this because I think it's helpful to test my limits once a week. Acting "normal" means I start releasing toxins, draining lymphatic fluid, facilitate cellular metabolism. Of course, there's a fine line between gradually prodding my body out of the anaerobic/stagnant funk and not crashing the HPA axis. By no means does that mean aerobic exercise (yet), but rather making myself socialize more or walk a little longer than my body "feels" like doing.

After crashing for about an hour, I was able to make good on Friday night--explored much of northside, Hyde Park, and downtown--and fell in love with the city despite my friend telling me to lock my doors at every red light. Slept terribly and felt quite sick in the morning, but pushed through again and highlighted my Valentine's Day by watching Hellraiser. I could barely keep my hands off myself. I've decided to ask my acupuncturist to turn me into the lead cenobite for Halloween. In spite of 2 straight nights of shitty sleep, I explored for a few more hours and made the 2-hr drive home with relative ease. After getting a good night of sleep last night, I'm golden today. I even felt an urge to drive and my adrenals feel much more balanced than the last time I attempted to drive in a blizzard.

Interspersed between feeling slightly under the weather, incoherent, and just "off" all weekend, I only crashed for about an hour on Fri and 2 hours on Saturday, and 2 hours yesterday. This despite 3 straight nights of shoddy sleep. Also, my digestion is definitely better. I didn't notice this until I stopped the sanpharma protocol. Usually when I'm pushing through, it seems the meridian flow to the digestive system just gets reallocated to HPA, but it was actually functioning all weekend. I can now finally make a solid recommendation for Dr. Kennedy's Sanpharma protocol

This is really hard to articulate but I'll try: despite struggling to string together sentences all weekend, I didn't feel physically foggy-brained. No "toxic" feeling, no intermittently buggered vision. In general, my adrenals held up like champs despite me not taking a single adrenal supplement all weekend. My muscles also rebounded rapidly after light exercise.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I'm really glad I got doc's green light to continue pushing myself. The drive to cincy wasn't even on my radar before that. Granted I'm straddling a fine line between rehabbing cellular function and overdoing it, so I need to be careful. Luckily I've been coming back online within a few hours-1 day after crashes.

So again, it's hard to articulate the changes but there are definitely noticeable changes going on.
Happy Chinese New Year, V-day, and President's day everyone!
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