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Top ten heartsink comments

Posted Feb 19 2010 12:00am
Lots of top ten lists going around at the moment. Here's my top ten list of heartsink comments from well-meaning friends, family and health professionals. The comments that leave you with a fixed grin whilst you try and resist the urge to knock their block off.

1. I've bought you a special diet book.
2. It's a lovely day, why don't you go for a walk?
3. My friend so and so's daughter has just got better with the so and so process.
4. Let's go camping at the weekend.
5. I'm sure deconditioning will be a big part of it.
6. Well your bloods all look fine . .
7. Would you like a gym referral?
8. It's really hard getting up for work in the mornings.
9. There's nothing in the house to eat.
10. Couldn't you do voluntary work?

I'll try and think of ten positives for next time.
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