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Too much of a good(?) thing

Posted Jun 20 2012 3:38am
So I made a bit of a mistake this past weekend with all of my supplement-taking. I've recently finished reading a maaahvelous book called  Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections  and it had recommendations for a "Core Protocol" of supplements that were shown in various studies (that it even listed! really, just so much love for this book) to have immunomodulatory effects and anti-spirochetal effects (ie against the blasted Lymies, my pet name for the Lyme bacteria inhabiting my body). I really do plan to give an overview of that book one day, cuz I found it VERY interesting. Anyway, of the 5-6 herbs listed in the Core section, my lovely mother was able to find 3 of them (Cat's claw, smilax, andrographis) in the local alternative food store. Of course in my excitement, I started taking all 3, all at once (at the lowest suggested dose though).  Needless to say, I was waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and having really really fitful sleep (I wear a  Fitbit (Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker) that I got for my bday to track my sleep). I was rolling over 20-30 times a night, relative to my usual 3-4. I was also dizzy and feeling like my heart was pumping so weakly that it was going to stop sometimes....very unsettling feeling. Low blood pressure I guess.

I'm also on 3 hardcore (well let's be real, hardcore to me because I'm more of a natural remedies kind of gal) meds: Suprax (antibiotic), Doxycycline (antibiotic), and Amantadine (antiviral, anti-Lyme-cyst), so I thought maybe it was the Amantadine that I added because on the label it says to contact your doctor if you experience unusual sweating, which I had been. Probably shouldn't have started Amantadine and the supplements so close together. But I stopped all the supplements yesterday and today, and so far (at least) things have returned to the status quo of unrefreshing sleep. No more night sweats and worries of my heart not pumping!  The weird thing was that I wasn't feeling the same way I do when I don't get enough sleep; I felt sleepy, but not beaten down with a club. Maybe all the sweatiness was a Herx reaction? I didn't feel anything else Herx-y otherwise so it's hard to say. At least it's a sign that those herbs are doing *something*, even if it's just messing with my body's homeostasis. I guess I should introduce them all slowly. Sigh. But I want it all now now NOW!  :)

Otherwise, I feel like all those meds are doing *something* for the better. Not a whole lot, nothing lifestyle-altering. But I feel a little less heavy and like my movements are a little less constrained by something. I reorganized my kitchen cubby and medicine cabinet! Something I've been dying to do, oh I don't know, for the last 3 years! I'm not getting my hopes up for miracles, but I'm glad to be where I'm at in this moment, here and now!

Over and out :)

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