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to MY little FUNNY FACE

Posted Dec 16 2010 1:00am

"Dekker Black 2004"

Though you have lived with me only a few years,

Much did abound in picture-perfect memories.

That one especially with you and your Kong,

A look that said, “Don’t get me wrong.”

“To share this with you would be right,

but I shall keep it just in spite.”

Or that other of you and Bronte,

looking into the camera so as to say…

“She is my best friend in the world,

but, I love you mom, so much more.”

Your delightful, little, smashed face,

always made my heart, with joy, race.

I shall not, long forget,

those little snores I often met,

when at last at night, I did rest.

To my dearest, little, funny face,

A permanent mark in my heart,

YOU did place.

[Written in Phoenix, AZ, December 3, 2007]

"Dekker Black 4 Months"

Dekker in 2004

"Dekker Black 2006"

Dekker in 2006

"Dekker Black 2010"

Dekker in 2010

Determined to continue forward,

"Author's Signature"

© 2010, 4Walls and AView . All rights reserved.

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