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Three Day Weekend

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm

Steve was sick in bed all weekend with a flu-like virus. We stayed away - checking on him, washing hands often; I slept on the couch... And not very well, I might add. So we had a pretty quiet Valentine's Day / President's Day weekend.

Jessica did ok this weekend, and I didn't think she did too much, but I could also tell that she wasn't as perky as she was this past week during her good week.

Saturday, I took her to see Mia and she rode for a little while, but she was taking it easy, going slow and didn't do too much. I was actually thinking that it seemed like she was purposefully just sitting on Mia part of the time without much movement. In the afternoon, the kids had a birthday party to go to at the pizza/arcade/attraction place. Jessica hung out with a friend and played two games of lazer tag, but they hid out in the fort for most of those games. She still got first place in one!

Sunday, the kids did homework. And Jessica went to see a movie with a friend.

Monday, Jessica went with me for a quick trip to Wal-Mart and to take one of our dogs to the vet; and she & Matthew played outside with the dogs a little.

But, by the end of the evening, Jessica had her head in my lap, not feeling too well.

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