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This Crash Was Not in My Plans

Posted Feb 21 2011 3:24pm
After I made some changes in my diet, I noticed I was having more energy. I was thrilled! Anxious and excited to do more, I started going back to the regular yoga class once a week. Immediately after class I would have more energy and then would rest for the remainder of the day. I would feel sore the next day from working my muscles, but I wouldn't crash. I would just plan to take it easy the day after my class. There were even a few weeks where I took 2 yoga classes in a week. 2!!!!!

However the past week or two, I feel like I am back feeling worse. I know it's bad when showering is an exhausting activity. Even typing this post is exhausting! Was I being too overly optimistic? Did I push myself too far? I hate that I can not predict anything with this illness. I used to love setting fitness goals for myself. I can't do that with CFS. I'd love to plan a trip out to visit friends in Pennsylvania.  I really can't plan anything because I really just never know.

I'm a plan ahead kind of girl who loves to be in control. I can maybe plan my meals but I can't plan what I'll be able to accomplish in a given day. I hate thinking about all the things that I want to check off of my to do list and wondering if they will ever get done. Will I have energy again? Will I ever be myself again? So looks like I may have to miss yoga this week and ride this crash out.  Now if only I could accept that I don't have control..... I'll save those ramblings for another blog post.
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