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There are still a lot achievements waiting for you to finish

Posted May 29 2013 3:35am

There are still a lot achievements waiting for you to finish. Actually there is a party where achievements lovers gather together to help each other to get the achievement. This is a special hobby.Fill the Stash with Hellfire Ring. Initially as the patch 1.0.5 comes out, there is a fever in the Hellfire ring. Now there is still a lot of players are pursuing the perfect Hellfire Ring for their heroes with critical hit chance and critical hit damage.

 At the same time, you could get your Paragon Level as well. But your main task is to farm Key Wardens. So the Monster Power you choose to farm maybe a little higher than the players who want to get fast paragon Leveling. Fill the Stash with Legendary Items. The beam of the legendary items really fascinate me lot. I would like to fill in my stash with legendary items and then put the Legendary items on the ground and form a special picture.

 It would be impressive. Complete Paragon Level 100. Although there are a lot of player who already finish this part, it is a long journey for normal working classes who can only play the game after work. Three hours a day would be a blessing actually. But to see the little progress little by little, you would have a sense of satisfaction. What’s your aim currently? We are curious to know. Share it with other players and leave your comment at our facebookpage.   1.Complete Diablo 3 Achievements6Vote2.Fill the Stash with Hellfire Ring5Vote3.Fill the Stash with Legendary Items5Vote4.Complete Paragon Level 10010Vote What’s your opinion of the recently sold gear
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