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The time has come.

Posted Sep 26 2010 12:00am
It's time to get a wheelchair. Yesterday we went down to a local festival for a 'stroll' amongst all the stalls and things going on. I knew it would be a two stick day but wasn't prepared for the sheer frustration I would feel. I didn't enjoy the outing at all because I was solely concentrating on walking. At one stall we stopped at a bloke asked me if I was into hiking, referring to my two walking poles. I'm often asked that and my stock response is "no, my legs don't work very well." There's usually an embarrassed pause. Nobody ever says "that must be difficult" or anything like that. I find I'm having to manage their problems with it as well as my own. Good training for getting a wheelchair I think.

Three weeks ago I went to see my doc about my rapidly detiorating mobility and she said she'd review my notes and phone me. Despite my ringing the surgery with a polite reminder I have yet to hear anything. I know she has a great deal of call on her time but I'm left with the feeling that it's because she doesn't know what to do next. I've booked a double appointment (nearest was three weeks away) and so I know I'll get a chance to discuss it in the end. One more thing to add to my shopping list - apart from a Vitamin D test - is a referral to the local wheelchair services, although I will try and self-refer before then.

I've been thinking about a wheelchair for a while now. Trying to sell it to AJ has been a challenge as I think I've mentioned before. But he can hardly have enjoyed yesterday either. In fact, I don't need to sell it to him. If I get one, it's there and I'm sure he'll realise the benefits of using my energy for other things other than walking. Like yesterday we missed out on the fireworks and today there's another event happening which I know I'm unlikely to get to.

I'm very excited about my SAD light box which should be arriving on Monday. This was a birthday present from my Mother. I'll keep you posted on progress.
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