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The other side of the scales

Posted Apr 17 2012 7:02am
Hey People,

I'm not great today, but I wanted to briefly talk about something. Last week I wrote about giving myself a bit of a shake up, and getting myself moving a bit. I would like to make it clear that I am very aware that this is not something I or we have the choice to do most of the time. I would hate for a non-sufferer to read my post and think that having to lie around resting is a matter of motivation. It's not! Maybe that kick up the ass is simply a test for oneself...

It is back to the whole paradox scenario again: We need to listen to our bodies and not push, yet we also have to make sure that we aren't becoming deconditioned. Of course I know all too well what exertion can do to someone with chronic fatigue. But I am also aware what deconditioning can do to the body and mind. I think it is important for me to ask myself if I am becoming too used to lying around. Even if the answer is no, I still think it's good to ask.

Perhaps the constant resting is just as bad for my body as what some exercise is? If lying around directly influences deconditiong of the body physiologically, then is this equally as bad? In relation to myself and the level of debility I am at now, I think it is important to push myself to do little walks as often as I can. Then I can rest after that. This seems like a healthy balance to me. For some this might not be an option(It wasn't for me last year). For some, activity might be something smaller within the home.

All in all I think it is important to keep the deconditioning issue at the forefront of our minds as much as we can, remembering that lying around is bad for the body physiologically too (just research it and see). Of course it is very different for those who are bedbound and hardly able to move. I am talking about someone like me who has always been able for some form of activity.

I can only speak for myself. Others will have to find their own balancing act. I have been keeping up the walking. But I have also been having to rest up in bed. Some days I haven't been well enough to walk, but I'm making sure that each day I analyse it freshly, so as to make sure there is no habits forming.

Over and out for now.

I hope you are all ok today...

Treya : )
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