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The Boring Sameness of Crash Days

Posted Jan 25 2012 7:25pm
My teen son, Jamie, and I have both been crashed this week.  Turns out we both had a mild fever yesterday, so I guess we were exposed to some sort of virus.  What luck, huh?  Jamie only made it to school one day last week and figures he picked up a virus then.  It's been a very difficult winter for him so far.

I was actually excited yesterday to discover we had fevers.  I took him into the local clinic to get his weekly saline IV, in the hopes that it would perk him up a bit, and the doctor found the fever when he was taking Jamie's vitals.  It was only 99.5, but his normal temperature is only about 97.5, so that counts!  At least now we know why we both feel bad this week.  Exposure to a virus can cause a nasty crash, but now we know Jamie's is probably not due to some very mild exertion this weekend, and mine is probably not due to my Lyme disease coming back (I have been paranoid about that possibility!)

I am getting sick and tired of lying in the family room in sweats, unshowered, unable to get much done, and listening to the TV all day long, as I'm sure he is, too.  It's that dull, boring sameness that gets to me after a while, and the cold, gray weather outside only adds to the dull, dreary mood inside.  We have pretty much watched every TV show available on demand that we have any interest in, plus quite a few on DVD as well.  I have been trying to get a little done on my laptop while lying down because I really hate to feel unproductive, but it is frustrating not to have my usual motivation and drive.

I shouldn't be complaining because crashes lasting more than a day are rare for me now, and I'm not severely crashed this week...just feeling crummy enough that I know I can't manage getting groceries or much cooking or most of the items on my to-do list.  So, I am trying to stay in good spirits and make the best of this time with Jamie, though I know he is itching to get up and moving, too.  I managed to scrape together one more meal from the freezer tonight, and Jamie actually got up off the family room couch a few minutes ago to go down to the basement (and lie on the couch down there) and play a video game with his brother - that's a really big deal!!  I can hear them laughing down there - there is no sweeter sound.  And while he's down there, I get my beloved couch back temporarily!

So, we are trying to make the best of yet another week spent horizontally.  Hopefully, we will both recover soon and get back to real life.

How do you make the best of crash days?  How do you keep your spirits up when the dull sameness sets in?
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