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Symptom update

Posted Feb 16 2011 12:00am
Hey People,

As promised I'd like to give a symptom update. I've done 5 months of treatment so far. Each treatment as I've mentioned is different antibiotics each time. Each one causes different reactions and aggravates different symptoms. Also, some months some symptoms have improved and then they go down hill again another month. I have even got some new symptoms. I think I told you all up to month three. So for month four I was on doxycycline 300mg a day. For month five I was on doxycycline 200mg a day plus Avelox (Avelon) 400mg a day.

The good news is that my ESR has gone from 28 to 9 in three months. This may go up again, but I think it's encouraging. My doctor gets us to rate our symptoms in numbers: 3 for extreme discomfort, 2 for moderate disturbance, 1 for minor disturbance, and _ for no problem.

So to start with things that haven't really improved (at a 3): Fatigue, Memory/concentration loss, Cold feet & hands, nerve pain, skin sensitivity, spin/bum/leg pain, tendonitis, noise sensitivity/ringing in ears.

Then on to things that are moderate, which I have marked at 2 or 2 1/2: Headaches, depression/mood swings, sleep disturbances, muscle pain, joint pain, post nasal drip/sinus discomfort, chest pain, nausea, night sweats, poison/fluey feeling, tingling/pins and needles, extreme cold/chills, eye pain (right).

And the 1's: Sore throat, tender/swollen glands, dizziness/loss of balance, abdominal disorders, shakes/tremors, twitching, respiratory problems, clicking noise in head.

And then the –, the symptoms that have gone away: stabbing ear pain, uptight/locked jaw pain, blocked/watery ears feeling.

So there you have it. I added symptoms to my docs list as I had a few other symptoms. As I said some things that have improved a bit one month have got worse again in other months. It's good to observe these things though. The new symptoms that have started of late are the tendonitis, the eye pain and clicking noise in my head. I would really like the tendonitis to go away as it's in my right arm and I'm right handed. Basically I'm experiencing pain, weakness, numbness, tingling/pins and needles.

The last couple of days I'm experiencing quite a few neurological issues. There is definitely inflammation or something going on. I have numbness at times in head, tongue. Tingling in head and face, twitching/jerking, head and eye pain.

If only the fatigue would improve. That's the big one... If that was gone at least I would be able to do more and just deal with the other stuff. It's just so hard to do things with such debilitating fatigue. I'm feeling positive though. Hopefully by my wedding I'll have seen a good improvement with my energy.
'so there you go energy, I'm giving you 8 1'2 months. Get on the case!'

That's all for now folks!

I hope you are all well...

Treya : )
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