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Symptom update

Posted Feb 18 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

The roller coaster went down hill again last weekend. I'm just going for the ride and not getting frustrated or down about it. I've been getting infection after infection since November now. I really haven't felt the same since that flu and then chest infection a few weeks ago. I still have a cough and it feels like I still have an upper chest infection. I've had swollen lymph nodes behind my ears on and off since before Christmas. My pain levels have gone up and I'm having worrying problems with my arms and hands. I've been having bad weakness with pins and needles, tingling and throbbing. I've also been finding it hard to use them at times which is accompanied with bad heaviness. The tingling is also running down my legs and I'm getting pins and needles in my heels also.  I've also been getting some very worrying pains in my cervix/uterus, which are crippling and I can't stand up straight when I get them. These pains are not frequent. My yeast problems are bad at the moment so I think maybe inflammation may be causing this??

My local doc did blood work on me a few weeks back and my white blood cell count is low. I have to go back for more test in four weeks. If they are still low my doc said they will be referring me to a Haematologist. I've been in bed for five days now and I'm pretty weak. I've had bad sinus headaches for two days. I'm going to go to my local doc to see if he can give me some kind of spray today. I definitely have an ENT infection, but I'm NOT going on antibiotics again with my yeast problems. My sleeping tabs aren't really working anymore either which is disappointing. I will be seeing my M.E doc next week to discuss all the above problems. 

Patience, patience, patience...... Right??

Just thought I would give you an update on my symptoms of late. 

I hope you're all keeping well...

Have a good weekend!!

Treya : )
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