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Symptom update and Paris

Posted Mar 24 2012 12:00am

Hey People,

Finally I am getting around to talking about Paris, my treatment, and symptoms. Well, this month has been quite a challenging one indeed. After I initially finished my first IV treatment in January I felt really good. My Paris doc felt that I was looking good. He said my skin was looking healthier, and my muscle tone had improved a bit. All in all we were encouraged. But there is a long way to go. I still have very debilitating symptoms.

Paris was an interesting experiment into my fatigue, as I had been on a similar trip exertion wise back in September in Spain for my brothers wedding, for which I struggled a lot. At the time I was having spasticity, and nerve problems on my left side, so I was having difficulty walking, and I was in a lot of pain. This issue is a lot better now! My fatigue was very good in Paris. I was definitely able to do more than I have done in years. However, a week or so previous to this all my headache problems had started. Although my fatigue was good, I was having pretty bad headaches and palpitations. I was very aware of my husband enjoying his time away, so there was a lot of mind over matter involved, which is draining in itself.

On the last day we had a really fancy restaurant booked for that evening. We had bought a two day tour bus ticket the previous day, which we really enjoyed the day before. That morning we decided we would do a small bit and rest in the afternoon. Our main port of call: The Latin Quarter. I was very excited about going there, as it was right up my alley, with its vintage and antique shops, and bohemian vibe. I unfortunately allowed my heart to out do my mind that morning. As I (in front) kept walking further into the centre of this maze of tiny streets, senses a light, my husband kept saying that we are walking very far away from the bus stop. Me: “don’t worry. WE will do a loop and come out further down. There is bound to be another stop there”. I’m sure you can predict how the next bit goes. My husband kept talking about how my battery was going to go at any minute. I kept telling him not to worry, that all was good in the world.

With no bus stop to be found, my inner child began to quickly make its way out to be known. Yes, I feel to pieces. It was one of those almost stamp your feet on the ground, cry, and decide to camp in that very spot. He was right. I was wrong. Damn it, I hate when that happens. Once again I am left at the mercy of this illness. He was a bit angry at me I could tell. I was too wrecked to even hold my head up. And yes, we had to cancel ‘the big meal’, and my husband had to spend his last night sitting in a hotel room with me. I felt so bad…

However, once time gave us some cooling off, we still felt that we had a very successful trip, and great fun. The lesson learned before we head off to Venice and Spain on honeymoon part two: Don’t leave the best until last! : )

Back to the migraines: Basically I was getting them every second day for the last month and a half, which wasn’t fun at all. With all of this craziness going on in my brain, I was quite depressed. I was also suffering from vertigo, and dizziness too. I finally had enough two weeks ago and went to my doctor. We made some adjustments to my meds. But really he felt it was a ‘good’ sign… That IV treatment was the first one that really targeted my brain. He felt that it had triggered some little buggers living there, and that they weren’t too happy about this, so they were fighting back with extra ammunition after the IV treatment. Also, when all the migraines were happening I was on other antibiotic treatment, and oils. To put it simply it was also a herx reaction.

That same day as the doctors, I went to an acupuncturist to see if she could help in some way. I’ve had two treatments since then. Except for the night following the treatment I’ve had no migraines! I’ve had headaches, but I can live with them. I did finish an antibiotic treatment the same day I saw her for the first time, so I’m sure this has helped too, although I am on the oils at present. I do feel it is helping though. I will be continuing with this for a while. I will talk about it more in the future when I understand it better. But basically I have two big problems with both Yin and Yang: One is a blood problem, and the other is a liver, spleen problem. Unfortunately, I have to start another round of IV in just over a week. I'm heading on honey moon part two after that. Fingers crossed everything will be ok...

That’s it for now. I’m pretty tired now. It’s a beautiful day here, and I’m meeting a friend later for lunch. I’m looking forward to it, as I haven’t been out of the apartment much this month.

I hope you are all ok…

Treya : )

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