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swollen lymph glands, body pain, headache, fatigue, help!

Posted by sueto

Three weeks ago I had urgent painful loose bowels for a few days, then it cleared up so I thought it was just stress. Then the following Monday I got a terrible headache and started to develop painful weeping sores on my face and in my mouth. I went to the doctor last week Friday and she gave me penicillan, saying I must have a secondary bacterial infection after a virus. The next morning I couldn't get out of bed for fatigue and slept all day, as I did the next day (Sunday). Sunday I started to get stiff and sore, but no fever or any other symptoms. Just couldn't keep my eyes open. Monday I went to work but came home at midday as I was in intense pain all over, with muscle pain and sensitivity to touch, light, and sound, as well as fatigue, headache, and a painful growing occipital lymph node.  I went to emerge, and they ran some tests, said I had no elevated white blood cell count so they took me off the antibiotics and said it must be viral, sent me home. Since then, I've had a low grade fever, night sweats, and more painful bumps are appearing. I still hurt everywhere, especially if I try to get anything done, and am SO tired. Now I'm getting a sore throat. Help!!

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Dear Sueto -


So sorry to hear about what a ordeal you've been through!


Although some of your symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - including fatigue, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes - the painful, weeping sores are an indication that something else is going on, most likely some sort of infection.


The other symptoms - fatigue, sore throat, fever - are signs that your immune system is fighting something.


You need to go back to see your doctor.  Focus on the bumps/sores since that it your unique symptom.  Insist on further testing or perhaps a referral to an infectious disease doctor.  If this is something viral, then maybe anti-viral medications would help.

be assertive with your doctor and insist that he or she helps you find an answer.  Something is obviously wrong and it needs to be properly diagnosed so that you can get appropriate treatment.


Good luck - 


Sue Jackson

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