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Surfing The BlogHer Fitness Blogs

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm

*If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome exercise can be very difficult, and extreme moderation may be necessary.  Always check with your doctor before you begin an exercise program.

I thought I would take tonight’s post to do a roundup of some of the great fitness blogs on BlogHer.  I took some time and surfed the Health and WellnessBlogHer Blogroll ( I also used BlogHers new search tool ), and here are fourteen of those blogs.  Do you blog about fitness?  If so, leave you link in comments.

Workin On My Fitness

What I cover on Workin On My Fitness:

  • The basics on exercising, fitness terms and how to do certain workouts
  • Nutrition information and eating healthy
  • Latest fitness trends - apparel, shoes, accessories
  • My personal journey in getting back in shape
  • Personal views towards diet and fitness
  • Useful online & offline workout tools

I believe being healthy goes hand in hand with feeling good about yourself and being happy. If you’re not happy, then you’re most likely not exercising and eating healthy. Ever since I started working out again, I’ve felt more happy and everyday I know that my body is looking better as a new day approaches. I guess you may think that it may be vain for someone to care about their appearance, but I don’t! If you look good, you’ll feel good too! So I really hope that you enjoy my site and feel free to contact me for any reason.

Spin Diva

Are you looking for new ways to get your family in shape? This blog is to inspire families, like yours, with ideas that will get you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. I am a military spouse and busy mom of four and a Certified Group and Personal Fitness Trainer, but you can call me Spin Diva. Finding the time to exercise, energize and revitalize is not easy, but we can do it together. I am passionate about teaching others how to reach their fitness goals and bring the kids along with them.

At home, I am a run-around-mom or a RAM because staying home doesn’t really happen much. I am usually running to the gym, Soccer practice, Choir rehearsal or recital, Art exhibition or a PTA event.

Catapult Fitness

Launched in April 2008, Catapult Fitness is focused on empowering individuals to lead a healthier life through exercise and nutrition.

Fab, Fit and 40

I turned 39 on April 20, 2008 and gave myself 365 days to lose 50 pounds. Fit Fab and 40 will document my meals, exercise, and progress so my readers can hold me accountable. I live in South Florida with my husband, two children, and two yellow Labradors. For work, I own a PR consulting firm that focuses on health, medicine, technology, science, and environmental businesses.

Go Workout Mom

After having children, I spent a good two years searching for the best time to really, really start working out. I needed a cheerleader to get me back into shape. I had the knowledge and the experience to make fitness a priority in my life, but I had not taken action. By creating a blog that offers Moms a journey to pursue their own physical fitness, I hope to establish a community of moms to support and cheer each other on to a healthy lifestyle.

Fit Bottomed Girls

The Fit Bottomed Girls don’t take anything too seriously—including fitness. Here, two regular girls share their trials, tribulations and adventures in staying fit to help you know what’s good and what’s whack when it comes to working out.

Weight For Deb

Healthy living.  A new frontier for me.  This is the continuing journey of Deb, who started really  learning about food, exercise and healthy living in 2006.

Fitness Cure

I am a woman who was raised on McDonalds, never played a sport, experienced every diet, underwent an eating disorder and was raised by a ‘fitness challenged’ mother.

In the same token, I have also competed in beauty and fitness competitions since age 16, became a personal trainer at 20, a fitness manager at 22, group exercise director at 23 and project coordinator for a large fitness company at 24.

Why is THIS site different from others? Because the content is written from a person who understands what it means to be challenged, unmotivated, unsuccessful, happy, inspired and accomplished.

We are not suffering from laziness or lack of education. Our overweight world is suffering from a disease called ‘inaction’. What creates inaction? Lack of motivation.


A city girl in a small town: Valdosta is…cute. It’s clean, the people are friendly, there is an abundance of fresh produce, particurly sweet potatoes, but due to the lack of shopping and outdoor activities, the Fitnessista is BORED. A new military wife, she will discuss the trials, tribulations and random adventures of said town, as well as her true passions: fitness, healthy recipes and nutritional advice.

Flip This Body

Taking inspiration from house flipping shows, I decided to take charge of my life and flip this body. I hope this blog will help others who are trying to lose weight to learn more about their options.

Fitness NYC

This blog is about staying fit in the city that never sleeps. I’m on a mission to find NYC’s best workout, one class at a time.

Fitness Fixation

So much of the fitness and health writing out there is so dry you practically have to hydrate after you read it. I think it’s time we injected some humor into the genre.

The Fit Shack

I am passionate about achieving and maintaining optimum health. After struggling with weight and food issues for most of my life, I am intent on mastering these issues now, while at the same time, passing on to others the information and experiences I have gained.

Here at The Fit Shack, I write about such topics as today’s processed and fast food industry, food addiction, sugar, emotional eating, and the mind/body connection. I don’t believe in quick fixes but do believe in getting to the core of what motivates you to overeat and then solving/healing those issues.

Fitness Transform

Mikki Reilly is a personal fitness trainer who has helped countless clients transform their health and fitness. As owner of Fitness Transform, she is currently writing articles, speaking and training clients in Santa Barbara, California.

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