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Stress Management is Health Management

Posted Jan 24 2009 2:46am

From our cave-dwelling days, we have been equipped with the “fight or flight” response, which is a vital tool of survival. But think – have you been pawed by a ferocious wild animal lately?

Stress itself is not harmful, but our inability to deal wth our bodies' response to it can be. If you can learn to cope with the changes that life presents you, or change your response, you can handle life's stress. To this end, developing a meditative capacity and practice is invaluable.

While meditating, explore your awareness, exploring the inner frontiers of your consciousness with the mind of a scientist and the heart of a lover.



Meditation helps soothethe mind and body

so that we are better able to deal with stress

which, for most people

is an integral part of everyday life




If you are engrossed in a conversation with someone, do you notice snow falling outside? Do you hear the cars passing by or smell the flowers on the table? As long as you are absorbed, you do not. This is the entry point into meditation. The senses are capable of responding, but they do not because they are withdrawn into an inner awareness.



Meditation is the art of focus


1) Harmony –choose a peaceful space, stay there, place candles

2) Use a candle -light a candle using it as your point of focus

3) Relax -stretch to loosens the muscles brings added attention to the body.

4) Practice- be still.

5) Beathe -breathing deep slowing the heart rate, relaxes the muscles and focuses the mind.

6) Purpose –engage purposefully.

7) Attention- focus in on your breath letting feelings float away

8) Respect– try different style, sit, lye, eyes open, closed, etc.

9) Feel -notice the body once the mind quiets, paying attention to your feet and then slowly moving up your body

10) Commit -benefit from continual practice

11) Notice –any physicalmovement – adjust

12) Be Gentle -meditation is what it is



Stress is what happens when you wake up screaming and realise you haven't fallen asleep yet.”


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