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Small improvements???

Posted Dec 02 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

I'm in the middle of my third treatment. I'm on Minomycin 100mg twice a day and Rulide (macrolide) 150mg twice a day. All in all I'm feeling pretty good. I have a lot of dizziness and balance problems, which must be the minomycin as I was told this can happen. In general feel a bit out of it in the head. My big toes have been going numb and tingling the last few days. I haven't had this before. My concentration isn't great and I'm have lots of twitching.

Apart from that I'm feeling pretty good. I'm definitely noticed an improvement over the last week and a half. I finally got rid of the never ending chest infection. My energy levels have improved a little. I'd say I'm back to how I was feeling in the summer. If you remember I said things got a lot worse over last few months. So this is all great. My nerve pains have improved a lot. My ear pain has gone and they don't feel watery anymore. They're all small changes, and maybe I'm just experiencing a good period as we sometimes do, but I'm choosing to be hopeful.

If you remember I said I was very happy a few weeks ago that my moods had been stable. I think I jinxed myself... Over the last three weeks I've been on edge and snappy and feeling very down at times. I'm feeling ok again now. I'm starting back with my therapist next week. I haven't been since before my holiday in August as I haven't been up to it. Also after I got engaged I decided that I should try and save all my money for a honeymoon and therefore not go back. I think I was feeling very conflicted about this as I find that support very helpful, and I wasn't giving it up for the right reason. If anything now that I have decided to take on a wedding I will probably be a bit more stressed at times. I sometimes find it so hard to explain my moods to loved ones as I don't understand them myself. So I decided to put my health first and go back. I feel for me it's an important part of my treatment. I still struggle greatly with acceptance of not being able to work, etc. I see people on facebook who I went to university with who have successful business now... Hopefully by going once a week I can get the frustration and pain out and then get on with my life and not think about it too much for the rest of the week...

My brother got engaged last week. So there is going to be lots of excitement and happiness in my family this year!
All is good people. I'm in a good place again. It's so encouraging that I'm seeing some small improvements.

There's lots of snow here in Ireland at the moment. It's funny to see how ill equipped our country is for snow. The country is coming to a stand still...

That's all for now folks!

I hope you are all well...

Treya : )

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