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Should I be worried about abnormally high lymphocyte count in my blood test results?

Posted by JennaRaeAmazing


I'm a 19 year old female, and these past two years I have been sick constantly.

-I had mono two years ago

-Found out I had athsma

-Learned I had athsma because of severe allergies

-I am always TIRED! it effects school, and work even if I get a good nights worth of sleep I find it hard to keep my head up and stay awake all day. I'm so sick of feeling this way since i'm a very active and happy person, and I have never had this much trouble getting my work done, and now I have to force myself to stay awake.

I recently took a CBC test to see if I qualify for a new allergy shot for people who suffer from athsma caused by allergies, the first results came back with a very high lymphocyte count, so they decided to do a second blood test to confirm results and I am still waiting on those.

I was wondering if I need to be worried, and also could this be why I am abnormally tired? Do severe allergies cause fatigue? 

thank you so much,


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