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Severe Weather & Medical Appointment

Posted May 23 2009 10:04pm

We had horrible weather this week, which was declared as natural disaster. Within three days, we had a year worth of rain. The gusty strong wind gave me the illusion that I was in the middle of cyclone or typhoon. Luckily, I don’t see any damage from where I live. Well, if I go out, I might see something… But there were said to the worst floods since 1974. Some areas were just getting over from the recent flood damages. Therefore the magnitude of devastation in communities was just enormous. There were wind damages as well…

The night(?) before the medical appointment, I couldn’t fall asleep until around 7 am. The rain was heavy and noisy as if my house was in the middle of the Niagara Falls. I worried about the safety of my doctor who would be driving on the Motor Way in such horrendous weather… I wasn’t even sure if he was able to come in.

My plan was to get up around 2 pm to get ready for the medical appointment. That should still give me enough sleep. I woke up around midday to find I had an email from Dr TL asking to ring the receptionist and make an earlier appointment. I doubt it was possible as he is always booked out. Then, I realised some patients might have cancelled the appointment because of the weather. It took me about an hour until I function enough to make the phone call. The rain was still noisy and I was not sure if I could hear the receptionist on the phone. Thankfully, rain started to ease. By the time I was able to make the phone call, it was quiet enough.

The receptionist was pleasantly surprised when she heard my voice. Probably she was about to phone me. According to her, Dr TL was planning to leave at 2 pm, so I had to hurry and be there as soon as possible. Oh, dear! I didn’t think I could make it. She told me to come in anyway, although she couldn’t guarantee if Dr TL is still there.

Before I finish the phone call, my mobile phone started ringing. It was Dr TL himself. He explained that he needed to leave early due to the heavy rain, and he wanted me to come in early. I felt hopeless. I told him that I couldn’t make it before 2 pm. I asked him if he wanted me to reschedule the appointment to another day. Each appointment is important for me not only to receive help with my health, but also to keep my happy spirit. But I didn’t want to get in his way if he needed to go. He calmly told me that he would see me as long as I get there between 2 and 3. It was a relief and doable. I told him I would be there.

That wasn’t the only luck I had that day. By the time I go out, the rain became very gentle and completely stopped. I didn’t need to use an umbrella.

When I got there, Dr TL was having a long consultation. He came out from his office during the meeting, probably looking for a sample medicine to give or some testing equipment. He noticed me straight away, and gave me a nod. He was wearing dark navy blue shirt and was looking very handsome. There was another gentleman waiting for him. He almost left, but the receptionist convinced him to wait because he was the next to go in.

When Dr TL called the “Japanese” name instead of the gentleman, I felt I cut in the queue. The other gentleman must be upset or disappointed. Later I noticed he was seeing the young Dr AZ instead, and he didn’t seem to be upset. I was relieved.

Dr TL explained the possibility of flood in his home area. I don’t know where he lives except it is the next city. It would be at least 30 minutes drive on the Motor Way, or even further… So, I understood why he was so anxious about the weather. I was rather grateful that he made efforts for me so that I could see him.

My BP was lower. My Spirometer/PFM performance wasn’t good, either. We assumed that the weather has something to do with it. I also mentioned that autumn might be the season when some of symptoms start coming back, such as pains, balance problem, light headiness, minor myocolonus, and so on. They are not serious enough to mention. I feel my condition is better overall since the fatigue level has returned to my baseline. He noticed that I was blinking too often and asked if my eyes were dry. It could be dry eye, or it could be one of muscle problems… I didn’t realise I was blinking too often.

He also explained that my Spirometer/PFM performance is not good, but it is not as bad as asthmatics. Since I’m getting negative effect from asthma reliever medicine, we are starting to think I may not have asthma after all… I am still his mysterious patient. I didn’t know what to comment. I could blame ME/CFS for that. But if I use the ME/CFS for excuse, I’m afraid that the mystery will never be solved. To me, ME/CFS is not really a diagnosis, but it is a temporary title or category until the reason and treatment for my condition are found. I’m still not sure if my ME/CFS is a true ME/CFS. At least I know he makes comments to compliment or flatter me. And he is getting “up close and personal” with ME/CFS.

He asked if I feel any difference since I started on LDN. I told him I didn’t. I wasn’t expecting the effect is instantaneous anyway. He told me he also prescribed standard dose of LDN (4.5 mg) to another patient. He wants to increase my dose from 3 mg to 4.5 mg. Apart from the first night/day I took LDN, I’m not having side affect. So, I guess I could increase the amount. I would prefer staying on 3 mg for a little longer, at least until my first 50 capsule is finished.

He is hopeful that I would improve with the help of daily exercise and LDN. I’m still conscious about the possible disappointment. However, when a doctor expresses his hope so openly, I can believe I could get better one day. Even if LDN is not for me, we will find something else.

He asked if I was aware of other possible treatment or news about ME/CFS. My quick answer was no. In my small online community, probably we are the ones who try something new first. He smiled satisfactory with my analysis. I said that there is not much out there for us. There seems to be many information and treatment options. But when I check legitimacy and reliability, there’s almost none left for me to consider. When we have enough time, and when I have better understandings about this, I might explain about possible damage in Mitochondria function resulting low energy level. If there is no proven treatment, there is no point of mentioning it to him. Dr Myhill has treatment regime for fatigue. But I haven’t figured out if they are applicable to me. One thing at a time. I keep my focus on LDN for now.

Then, he told me that he would be away for a week. That was the reason why he made sure I see him today. He is not going away for holiday, though. He said he was going to a trade show for points. :-D He is going to an annual GP conference to accumulate his compulsory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hour. I hope he will still enjoy his break from busy and demanding long working hours.

I teased him to behave while he is away. I didn’t tell him “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”, because it would leave him nothing to do. :-p When we shook hands to say Sayonara, he gave me extra happiness energy to last longer.

I was surprised that I could still make the next appointment on Thursday, the day he comes back. I thought he would be booked out because his patients would want to see him as soon as he is back. If you didn’t know it already, he is a very popular doctor. It was the third luck I had in the day.

After I got home safe and dry, the rain and wind started again. I must be behaving very well for the universe to look after me this well.

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