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September 2011 ME Story: Barry

Posted Sep 12 2011 7:30am

"September 2011 ME Story: Barry" As I was getting ready to put up todays post, I was stunned to realize how much things change in just eight months.  I am out of bed, out of my wheelchair, and exercising for the first time in almost two years!

And today, I put up our eighth story over at Becoming VISIBLE 4ME!  In addition, this month’s story is our first male story which I was very interested in reading.

I have been getting to know Barry for quite a while now and have found that I consider him among my friends.  Barry has a wonderful, determined personality and has to be the most generous and kindest guy with ME I know!

I think you will love reading his story and getting to know him as much as I have.  Here is an excerpt to his story with a link to read the rest of it.

Mind you, it’s probably natural that we have that initial period of thinking willpower and hard work will win the day.  After all, when people contract cancer, platitudes such as “he is strong – this won’t beat him” or “she is a fighter – she will recover” are trotted out.  It creates a comforting illusion for humanity… that our strength of character can defeat illness.

I adopted the mindset that I could and would defeat my illness.  Not only that, but that I would also go ahead and help others defeat it too.

You can go here to read the rest of his story.

Don’t forget to post an excerpt of Barry’s story on your own blogs and share, share, share!  That’s how we will let the world know that ME is a serious illness affecting so many of us!

Determined to continue forward,


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