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sed rate

Posted by postie

Can a person have a sed rate of 38 with CFS?  6 months ago it was 25.  Or would that rule out CFS?
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Typically, people with CFS have extremely LOW sed rates, often between 0 - 3.  I'm not sure, though, whether EVERYone with CFS has a low sed rate or whether some people have a high sed rate.


Sed rate is a measure of inflammation (it's something of a mystery why it is low in people with CFS because inflammation is definitely a part of the illness).  But with such a high sed rate, you should be looking into other illnesses where that is common - things like Lyme disease or rheumatoid arthritis.


Here is an article on diagnosing CFS, with a long list of other conditions to rule out first - make sure your doctor has considered all of these other conditions before diagnosing CFS:

(this page provides an overview, then click on "Diagnostic Testing" at the bottom for details on what tests should be ordered and the list of similar conditions to rule out at the bottom.)


Good luck finding some answers!

Sue Jackson

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