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Posted Jun 26 2011 12:00am
It's being quite a long crawl out of the CFS black hole the tribunal dug for me. I've had a couple of massive 'wobblies', been rather awful to live with, and my push/crash pattern has totally changed to hourly rather than daily cycles. I'm starting to settle though.

We bought a car yesterday! AJ needed one for work as the lease car scheme was ending (another cut). We decided to get a disposable car, one that has a few miles left on it and we can scrap if it goes wrong. He can claim mileage on expenses and that should pay for it in about three months. I can't drive the current lease car, but I can drive this one. I can't tell you the weight that went off my shoulders when I realised I wouldn't have an hour and a half bus ride to counselling any more. We bought a Ford Ka. It's dark green/blue, doesn't even have central locking so you have to remember to let the passenger in! I love it.

Next job for me is to tackle my weight. Eating is my number one addiction and coping strategy. Just before CFS hit I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (google it and be horrified). I've had varying success ever since with managing it. But eating the way I've been eating the last few months is playing Russian roulette with my health and it's only a matter of time before I develop type 2 diabetes if I go on like this. Sigh. But I'm feeling like I'm starting to be ready to let go of this coping strategy. I've got a lung function test tomorrow because of breathlessness, but both I and my GP know that it's my weight that's the problem. What works for me is Slimming World (which is like Weightwatchers only slightly different). Now I've got access to a car and my benefits back I'll be able to start going again.

On the benefits - apparently it takes 3 weeks for the tribunal to tell the DWP your appeal has been successful, despite the fact they have access to the DWP computer and could see my whole benefit history on the day. Then it takes a further two weeks for DWP to calculate how much they owe you. In reality it takes two minutes, but your file sits on someone's desk for 99.9999% of the two weeks. Also, my DLA hasn't been reconsidered - the payment I got was just a residual one from my previous claim. So I am going to have to appeal that one too. I sent them a letter three weeks ago which they haven't yet received. All this suggests to me the system is creaking. Fewer staff trying to do more work under horrible pressure and for a pittance. Sounds like Dickens.

So that's me for the moment. I've weathered the storm, been given a tow into port and am undergoing some repairs. I'm having the barnacles scraped off my bottom soon when I go in for day surgery to have an anal polyp removed. I shall be quite sad, it was growing quite attached to me!
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