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Posted Jul 12 2011 4:47pm
I returned home from vacation to find a response from the Social Security Administration in my mail.

The good news is that they have determined I am not disabled and can still work full-time as a management consultant - hey, isn't that great?  I wish I knew that years ago... think of all the income I could have been earning!

Specifically, they said:

We have determined that your condition was not disabling on any date...

While your conditions caused you to experience occasional bouts of extreme fatigue, the evidence shows your energy level was adequate for your daily activities.  Based on your description of the job you performed as a consultant, we have concluded that you have the ability to perform this same type of work as it is usually performed in the national economy.

Even though I expected to be rejected, this wording still feels like a slap in the face.  My state, Delaware, has one of the lowest approval rates in the U.S. (I think we're fourth worst with only a 37% approval rate in the first step).

I talked to my lawyer today, and they said it's no big deal, to be expected, and they will file the appeal for me.  I kept asking in-depth questions about what else I could send in to prove I'm disabled, but my contact just laughed and told me I'm reading way too much into what is likely a form rejection letter.  She said this is all normal procedure, they'll take care of it and will let me now if they need anything else.

So, more waiting now.
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