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Posted Mar 02 2010 12:00am
After deliberating this for the last few days, I've decided to stick with my original plan and stop documenting publicly my treatment here. Attempts to twist and present circumstantial facts as "scams in a global operation" involving Mike, Doc, and now Cort Johnson, Rich Van K, Amy Yasko (and surely more to follow) have only intensified since I first posted about leaving.

I spent a good amount of energy that I don't have defending Mike and Doc because I felt the combination of 1) much of my track record from my public blog and widespread forum and message board postings all under a singular username, with 2) my actually knowing Mike personally, seeing the ghastly pictures of him when he was ill, seeing his labs, listening to the office describe their shock at Mike's condition, talking to recovered and un-recovered patients, and undergoing treatment with doc put me in a unique position to stay balanced and perceived as trustworthy by wary patients in my defense. Based on the feedback of other patients, what could have amounted to very productive discussions were quickly twisted into fodder for more attacks on non-FDA approved treatments at large and speculation of a Ponzi scheme being at the heart of recovery and non-profit foundations.

As much as it still curdles my blood to read what people are saying about a doc that has cured even one CFS patient (and why hasn't anyone mentioned that the Ohio Medical Board's first complaint about doc is coming not from an actual patient but from complete outsiders fabricating claims based on internet speculation?) I can't physically afford to step back into the fray. Nor can I afford to spend as much energy as I do re-reading all my private treatment updates over and slimming them down into AMA-approved versions to post here.

For requests to join the private group and continue following my progress, please register and message m0joey at Cort's forum .

I'm not sure if I'll continue blogging here as the private group has consumed much of my energy, but if I do the complexion of the blog will probably go back to how it was before pre-2010.
est of health, everyone.
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