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Rebound Blog

Posted Apr 20 2009 12:33am
Actually I don't believe in most acts of rebound unless they involve sharing sweat with other men (basketball! what you thinkin?), but I was officially in the doldrums last week.

Countering the droopiest post I ever made, I'm following with the corniest post I ever made. A verbal reduction-oxidation, and then we can pretend this never happened. Here goes:

Counting My Blessings (good things that happened from being sick):

1. My family is healthier, and my dad is now on my diet for good measure
2. (Some of) my friends are healthier--some of them just think I'm a hypochondriac
3. Resolved many old demons from before illness
4. Gained self-awareness
5. After 4 years, I've gone from not wanting to live if I couldn't run to seeing the worth of life in its purest form
6. Time is overrated--most of my peers are on a time crunch, yet my parents have been working their tails off their whole lives only to come back to basics
7. Health is the single greatest investment I can make in myself and my loved ones, hands down
8. Emotions are more interconnected with physiology than I ever imagined possible. You have no idea what I'm talking about unless you've treated emotions with EFT, biophotons, etc.
9. Met a community of 200,000 brilliant people I would've never otherwise met.
10. There is no such thing as too much love and compassion, reciprocation notwithstanding
11. Prestige is a vestige. My self-worth has nothing to do with the acronyms that follow my name. We all have different ways of defining ourselves, and I want my illness and what I do about it to define me for the rest of my life.
12. Alternative medicine makes sense and it works. I will never see a western doc first again.
13. On good days, I get to set my own schedule, and I love what I do with my time: research.
14. When I recover, I will have an amazing quality of life. I can see beauty in the rain over here, so who cares if the grass isn't greener over there.

That wasn't GMO corn... organic straight from the soiled soul baby.
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