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Rain & Wind Deflectors

Posted Jul 07 2010 2:13pm
Hello Everyone,

Do you have rain & wind deflectors on your car? My used Chevy Tracker has a rain and wind deflector. The wind deflector attached to the front hood and window areas of the car protects the vehicle from damage due to flying debris. Prior to the Chevy Tracker, my vehicles did not have this type of accessory. The wind deflector on the front hood designed to fit at the front hood line assists in avoiding damage from debris. Instead of hitting the car directly, debris strikes the wind deflector and bounces off the vehicle. My area has a particular road where dump trucks are always on that road. I try to avoid that street and certainly know the amount of damage that rocks, sand, salt, dust, and bugs can cause when it hits a car. Dents, chipped paint, and cracked windshields not only look unsightly but also impair the driver’s vision. These types of damage can lead to corrosion and rust and are costly to repair.

If you want to allow the fresh air in the car, reduce interior heat and wind, and eliminate windshield fogging the window deflector comes in handy. In order to prevent wind and rain from entering your car you need wind deflectors. Although the car accessories are new to me, they sure have come in handy. These rain and window deflector designs are modern and stylish.

There is an online automotive accessories superstore I recently viewed, They offer custom Wind & Rain Deflectors, go check out their site. The online store has rain and wind deflectors, simply select the make, model, and year. There are light and dark tents offered by WeatherTech® and GTS wind deflectors. You can view product details, additional accessories, and customer reviews. If you lack experience using the product, you can read the customer reviews to help you decide on whether you want to buy inside window channel with no screws on the window frame or window deflectors attached outside the window by an acrylic foam tape.

Please consider visiting and let me know what you think about their site and products. I hope this information has helped you.

I hope and pray you have a fatigue and pain free day. I am sending soft hugs your way!
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