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"Post-exertional Malaise" aka feeling really crap

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:42pm
One thing that's good about the term 'post-exertional malaise' is that it doesn't contain the word 'fatigue'. The day before yesterday I chased my dog up a steep incline, retrieved her and carried her back down. Yesterday, just over 24 hours later and as I predicted, I got severe muscular pain in my lower body. I had a bad night's sleep and today have a clutch of symptoms. These include tinnitus, dizziness, slight nausea, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate and feeling really crap. I also noticed something I haven't had for a while which was a 'brain zap' as I was falling asleep. I'll try and remember to get back to brain zaps in another post.

If you are a CFS sufferer you know all about this. If you are not you may find it difficult to understand how exercise can make you ill, and even harder to understand how there can be a delay of anything from 24 hours to 4 days before this post-exertional crap feeling sets in. After all, exercise is supposed to be good for you right? The only explanation I can think of for the delay is that it takes a long time for the chemical signals to reach their destination in an immune-compromised system. What the cause of the bad feeling is I don't know, but I don't think it's tiredness.

Can't write any more today I'm hypnotised by the blinking cursor.

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