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Progress Report

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
Several people have asked what improvements I've experienced with my CFIDS symptoms since the Bionic treatment. Understandably. And I hope you'll understand why I've been hesitant to report them. Yes, I believe the lyme is gone, at least for now. 1 month, 6 months from now, who knows? Same goes for EBV. Together, these two bugs made me emit more obscenities than in my first 22 years of existence combined, so they are certainly welcome to stay away. Yet, we all know there are multitude of infections still on the table. Right now, I'm treating HHV-6 and I'm on my 3rd treatment. I continue to experience fevers between treatments, but without the herx that usually accompanies them with ABx and AVs. Needless to say, I don't miss herxes in the very least.

Caveats aside, did I mention I have a silver lining to offer? It's been more than a week since my last bionic treatment for lyme, and some improvements have clearly stuck. I am still off my sleep meds. I've taken this for granted, but I was on either klonopin, doxepin, trazodone, or a mix every night for the last 2 years. I have no pain anymore. I have more energy and feel less toxic. I've barely had any "crashes."

The symptoms that haven't changed are fatigue, headaches, cardiac abnormalities, orthostatic intolerance, and cognitive impairment. None of this is surprising. Infections in the brain are hardest to get rid of, and so are heavy metals in the noggin.

As for the heart and blood abnormalities, Dr. Lerner believes that viruses themselves are the etiological cause of cardiomyopathy, whereas Dr. Cheney believes some other abnormality causes the cardiomyopathy and CFIDS symptoms actually serve to prevent further damage to our heart from cardiomyopathy. During my conversations with Dr. Seeger from Australia, he said that anaerobic metabolism is the primary condition that allows bugs to persist in CFIDS. All this leads me to believe that our "chronic fatigue" both allows bugs to exist and disables them from causing death (in most cases anyway--Cheney has never met a CFIDS patient with cardiac damage past "event horizon"). That's why I don't see how CFIDS can resolve on its own if caused by a sudden infectious onset.

That's also why I believe the Bionic will work. It can treat these infections on a higher energetic level and bypass secondary physiological obstacles. White blood cells are still blood cells, so they disintegrate rapidly along with RBCs when we've gone anaerobic. With photon therapy, one by one, the infections should fall, and when there are no more threats to severe organ damage, our bodies will give the green light for normal mitochondrial function and aerobic metabolism again. Laymen's terms: bye bye fatigue. That's my hunch for now anyway. Any and all thoughts welcome.
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