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Probiotic News

Posted Sep 24 2008 12:25pm 2 Comments
I just read two amazing new studies about probiotics and immune function. Both studies showed that probiotic combinations are ineffective in improving immune function. In the studies, only single strains showed positive effects.

Ever since becoming ill with CFIDS six years ago, I have taken a probiotic combination pill every day - so have my sons. In fact, I pay a lot of money for an expensive, refrigerated brand that contains 10 different varieties of probiotic; I assumed more was better. I never noticed any significant difference in how I felt, but it was one of those things that I kept up because of all the research showing that probiotics help immune function and GI problems. Now I discover I may have been wasting my money all these years!

The first study summary shows that single strains were more effective than combination pills. The second study tested which single strains were most effective in improving immune function, in addition to showing that the combinations had no effect at all. The theory is that the different bacteria may cancel each other out.

No more expensive multi-probiotics for me! I plan to switch to a single strain brand right away. My sons' pediatrician has told me before that the brand Culterelle had more active bacteria in it than other brands in laboratory tests, so maybe we'll try that. It's not the strain that scored best in the immune system tests, though, so I may try to hunt down the ones mentioned in the second study.

Apparently, bigger is not always better!
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i very happy for find your site and it is very good site
Wow - never heard of that! Our family takes Vidazorb chewables and we love them! They don't need refrigerated and have undergone all kinds of lab testing for potency and quality. Though I personally do not even need to know their tests results because I have seen how amazing they are first hand. Our little boy had severe Eczema and food allergies/intolerance and no one was able to find anything that could help him We were told about Vidazorb and began giving him their kid's line Belly Boost and we immediately saw results. His skin began to clear and he began eating more foods than we ever imagined possible. It was truly a miracle and I am so thankful we found such a great probiotic that not only works but tastes good too. Thanks for sharing this info :)
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