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Possible reasoning for enlarged glands and fatigue

Posted by Karen K.

The only blood work up has been a CBC. Which the doctor said, showed low white count. He has thought I had Mono but the CBC was negative. Have enlarged glands in neck and behind ears. Tender to touch. Staying tired all the time, sleeping alot. Just got over Pneumonia. Still feeling awful. Getting concerned now. Doctor has not done any other tests. What is your suggestion?
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Dear Karen -


It does sound as if Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is one possibility, though there are others that need to be ruled out first.


CFS often starts after some type of initial infection that causes the immune system to over-respond, causing continuing flu-like symptoms that persist even after the initial infection is gone.  Recurring sore throat and/or swollen glands is one common symptom of CFS, although your swollen glands could also be caused by some sort of infection.  CFS is essentially an immune system disorder, where the immune system over-reacts toward viruses and allergens, causing the flu-like symptoms, but under-responds to bacterial infections, making you more prone to them.  The immune dysfunction causes problems with the nervous and endocrine systems as well.

Here's a link to an excellent self-quiz for CFS on the CFIDS Associations's website (CFIDS is another term for CFS): 

And they also offer detailed information on diagnosis and treatment of CFS:

The diagnosis link on that page includes many other medical problems that should be tested for and ruled out before diagnosing CFS.  With CFS, most standard blood tests are normal, even though the patient is very sick.

So, you should read through this information and talk it over with your doctor.  Your doctor should order tests to rule out other possibilities.


In the meantime, REST - a lot.  There is obviously something going on and the worst thing you could do is push yourself to do more when you're not feeling well.

If you do think you have CFS and have any other questions, please feel free to contact me again, either here or through my blog,

Good luck in finding some answers soon, and I hope you feel better soon -


Sue Jackson 

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