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Poet Friend

Posted Jan 07 2009 2:56pm

Have you heard that babies feel safe when they hear the sound similar to what they heard in mother’s womb? And in attempt of helping baby sleep, some people use ticking clock, electric toothbrush, or anything that is noisy and remotely music to our ear.

Then, my poet friend told me his theory.

We all like the sound of rain.

We all like sunset.

They both sooth us and make us feel safe.

It is because they are replica of inside of mother’s womb.

It was beautiful thing to say. When I heard this theory, I felt my world has changed.

I prefer the sound of rain much better than the noise of electric toothbrush.

He let the light of torch through his thumb in a dark room, and showed me the colour of sunset. That is the colour we saw in mother’s womb.

My poet friend has smile of sunrise, and colour of sunset.

Sunset 090102-1

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