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please i am 27year old skinny and want to build my body, how safe is testosterone enanthate


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What's wrong w/being skinny?  It's a heck of a lot healthier & safer than being fat! 

All drugs are like double-edged swords.  In the right amount for the right reason, they can do good things.  In the wrong amount (either too little or too much) or for the wrong reason, they can lead to bad things.  Testosterone (of any sort, whether cypionate or enanthate, etc) is no different.

Yes, testosterone (T) can help you build muscle, but only if you eat right & exercise regularly.  After all, bodybuilders wouldn't take prodigious amounts if it didn't help them bulk up.  

But look at all the side effects they have to accept: change in mood for the worse, development of oily skin or acne, increase in blood pressure, drop in HDL (good cholesterol), increase blood thickness, these last 3 increasing one's risk for heart attack or stroke.  If that doesn't get you, you run the risk of going bald, enlarging your prostate so you can't pee, developing nipple sensitivity or male breast enlargement.  

Have you read what Barry Bonds ex-girlfriend said happened to him?  Testes shrunk (so no kids), loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, etc.  But wait!  Isn't T necessary for sex drive & erections?  Sure, but again, in the right amount.  Too much and it's wasted as Estradiol, the female hormone.  Of course, this can be controlled w/medication or adjustment of your regimen.  So can the hair loss & prostate enlargement issue.  And even fertility (use hCG or clomiphene instead of T).  

But my point is that you need to find someone (physician) who does this on a regular basis and will monitor you closely.  And don't forget Goldilocks when it comes to taking T.

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