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Perfect Therapist

Posted Mar 01 2011 3:57pm

Many people with chronic illnesses find comfort in going to see a therapist. Lucky for me I have found the perfect therapist. She always listens and shows no judgement. She never gives any advice, she simply just listens. She accepts me for who I am and doesn't try to change me. The best thing is I don't need to make an appointment to see her because she's always around. Sometimes to cheer me up, she'll lick my face or cuddle with me. If you didn't figure it out, I'm talking about my dog, Raven.

This was the first time I met Raven. I loved her right away.
I knew she was the perfect dog. What a love!
This is Raven the day we brought her home.
She didn't know what to do with all the toys we bought her!
 We adopted my dog Raven ten months after I got sick. She was almost a year old when we took her home. It was the best decision we ever made. Having CFS can be so lonely and I love having the company of Raven. It should be made clear right now that she is the perfect dog. For a 3 and a half year old labrador retriever, she is extremely mellow and gentle. She's quite content napping most of the day, just like me! She's so sweet, lovable and always happy! It's hard to be down when you're around her. If I'm having a bad crash, she'll have no problem curling up to take a nap with me. In fact when I lost power a month ago, she cuddled with me and helped me stay warm since we were without heat.
It's a big plus that Raven gets along so well with kids. It's
really sweet when Ruby gives her little kisses.
My nephew and Raven are best buds! He loves helping me
feed her, walk her and play fetch with her when he's visiting.

Raven has many playful moments which always make me laugh. She loves to go out and play fetch. Sometimes when she's very energetic she'll crazily run in loops. My husband and I call this her "mad dog run." It's pretty hysterical! It's funny to watch her retrieve sticks twice her size and strut around with them. When we lived in FL, she would pick up palm tree fronds and once she even found a coconut. We've never formally trained her but she is so good. I can take her off the leash to play and she'll never try to run away. She always comes when we call her name or one of her many nicknames. See, I told you she is the perfect dog.

Raven loves to run and leap in the snow. She gets so excited when we go out to play in the snow.
If it were up to her, we'd live where it would snow all year.
Raven even has a good sense of humor. I just finished knitting
this poncho for my niece and I needed a model! haha!

There are many benefits of pet therapy.  There is nothing like the unconditional love and loyal companionship of a dog. They never have bad days or get moody. They're simply always happy to be with you. Best of all, they never care what you look like. They love you no matter what!

Raven relaxing with a stick after swimming in Maine.
What a life!

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