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Part VI: Psychologist for Vulvodynia

Posted Apr 29 2011 2:25pm
Disclaimer/Warning: This post mentions specific sexual issues that some people may find too graphic, offensive, embarrassing, or personal. If you know me personally, you may feel awkward reading about these issues. Rest assured that if you are not embarrassed, I am not embarrassed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

This is my last post specifically dedicated to my struggles with vulvodynia and related issues. I hope that sharing my story has helped people better understand this rarely discussed disorder. To my sisters with vulvodynia, you are not alone!

Though I consider myself a well-adjusted person, I have seen my fair share of counselors and psychologists to help me through tough times. Whenever I saw someone in the past, it was because I sought that person out. My latest experience with a psychologist, however, was because the pelvic health center told me I should see one.

At first I thought they were implying that my vulvodynia was in my head (a knee-jerk reaction because I was once told by a terrible doctor to see a psychologist because there was no such thing as CFS...), but that is not what they meant. Their therapy focuses on the whole person, and working on the mind is merely one aspect.

I did not know what to expect from the psychologist they recommended. I needn't have worried, however, because the psychologist has been good for me. She's helped me deal with all kinds of emotions that surround vulvodynia, including guilt and shame. Turns out that not being able to have sex with one's husband produces all sorts of psychological issues. Go figure.

She's also helping me to deal with other issues related to my health, like dealing with chronic illness and coping with the horrible PTSD flashbacks I get every time I see and hear an ambulance ever since my anaphylactic reaction to a medication my old neurologist erroneously prescribed (long story, still too traumatized and angry to give all the details). Sorry about the run-on sentence just now.

Digging up all these emotional issues has been the epitome of "un-fun," but I think it is something I need to go through to be on my way to complete mental health.

Just as I haven't seen any direct improvements of the vulvodynia because of my nutrition change, I have not seen any direct improvements of the condition because of the psychologist. However, I suspect that my overall mental health is improving.
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