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Part One: Keeping an eye on my EYES

Posted Feb 03 2011 5:06pm

"Severe bags and Eye Issues" I have been getting ready for my eye appointment with my favorite eye doctor.  I decided to do some research on whatever I could find concerning eye issues with ME/CFS.  Mind you, this illness has been on the radar since at least the 1980′s. However, I was only able to find !  Is that crazy or what?

Anyway, as a result I thought I would start writing about it on my blog because I have actually received several emails from people who are having similar problems that I am as well as those with varying degrees of eye issues.  Also, as we all know, Laurel from Dreams at Stake , Kerry from Lemon-Aide and Alexis from The Corner Room all have extremely severe forms of eye dysfunction so this is something we all need to be aware of.

I first made a list of the symptoms I have been having over the past six months or so.  I was actually quiet stunned when I looked at the list.  I thought I would list them here so those with eye issues could do a comparison.  As this is something relatively new (the severity of it anyway) I am still struggling to try to put into words what is happening with my eyes.  Despite that, here goes!

I have made a direct connection with stimuli and my eyes and brain.  If too much stimuli is occurring, my eye’s wig out, I get this shot of pain behind my eyes and everything just goes blurry or blank.

I also, have made a direct link between the length of time I use my eyes and the resulting symptoms of flu-eyes or painful eye socket.  If I go beyond this point, my eyes actually shut down which then causes my body to do the same, more often than not.

Who would have every thought our eyes could crash?

I actually found a lot of interesting information that was very helpful.  Did you know that there is a name for this eye issue.   It’s called Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome. I actually found a good amount of information on it but I would overwhelm you with having one of the longest blog posts in the history of blogging!  So, I’m going to divide this up into three parts so you can digest it and hopefully grasp it.

So come back tomorrow (Saturday) for Part Two:  Post Traumatic VISION Syndrome (PTVS) and then Saturday for Part Three:  Finding Ways to Help my EYES.

Determined to continue forward,

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