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Ongoing Tasks

Posted Sep 09 2009 10:09pm
I am back to using the following tools and exercises:

1. The heat therapy pad - I prefer heat to cool pads (use what works for you)

2. Resting during the day, even if I cannot sleep, I still lay down and rest.

3. If you can get someone to give you a gentle massage it helps your pain and weakness. I also enjoy it when my son combs my hair.

4. My Prayer Position Exercise:

Movement is necessary, so slowly introduce stretching exercises and my prayer position stretch; I do this several times during the day. It helps, so please try it.

1. Start by holding your hands in a prayer position.

2. Raise your arms over your head keeping your hands together in a prayer position.

3. Turn your palms outward (the front of your hands are now placed together in this position).

4. Stretch your arms downward as you separate your hands bringing your elbows down and place your hands back into the prayer position.

5. Repeat (2 to 3) two to three times.

Note: Please make sure to perform this exercise within your pain-free range of motion.

Quiet time and nice soothing music helps me forget about the symptoms I experience. I hope and pray my own experience and prayers will be helpful to everyone.

Please keep me updated on your progress.

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