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One Year Anniversary

Posted Jul 05 2010 6:23pm
My boyfriend and I met for the first time a year ago, as of yesterday. I felt like it was worth noting since we starting dating a little over a year  after I got sick. The whole situation kind of boggles my mind. We see each other 2-3 times a week and usually it involves him bringing me dinner and doing something really mellow like watching TV or a movie, since I'm pretty useless/spent after work.

I guess he's a pretty mellow guy, otherwise he probably wouldn't have put up with this from the beginning. But he would still like to go out and do things. So I really can't figure out why in the heck he's still with me. I mean, I can rationally sort of understand it because on paper (aside from the CFS!) we match up really well. But really until a few weeks ago (and still sort of now), I've lived with this perpetual fear that he would suddenly come to his senses and realize what a waste of time this has all been (and more importantly that there are plenty of healthy, capable people out there to choose from). It's quite exhausting!

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to get so droopy! My intention was to say this: I am so very lucky to have someone in my life like him. Among all the other things I like about him, he looks out for me and thinks ahead to accommodate my condition, he reads up on CFS once and a while for new research/info. He puts up with quite a lot. Not that many people would! But I guess it's an investment on both our parts. I invest energy I really don't have to spare in hopes of it one day paying off (when I'm all better?!) and I guess he's doing the same. So, hopefully things will only keep improving!

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