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On the Opening of the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease

Posted Aug 21 2010 9:18am
Dear WPI,

It has felt as if we were in darkness for a long time. Many of us in the UK have suffered untold indignities and hardship. We have been left to languish in our beds; forgotten and ignored; humiliated and blamed. Instead of treatment and care we are served contempt and ridicule. Scratch the surface of the name CFS and you'll find injustice and intolerance pulsing through its 28-year-old veins.

This illness is not benign, it steals lives; it destroys careers, families and dignity; it denies us our dreams and ambitions; it sucks the very life from us. We are mere shells of the people we once were.

But today optimism reigns supreme. Instead of fearing our future, there is hope. For the first time in years we have a reason to hold on. We have a reason to believe.

Words cannot even begin to explain what you have given us. The sacrifices you have made to bring this project into fruition may not be known by all, but the testament to our suffering; to your blood, sweat and tears; lies in the bricks and mortar of this glorious institute, and that truth shines as a beacon of hope and justice for all. Today a new dawn has begun and the sun is shining.

Andrea Pring
Devon, United Kingdom
21st August, 2010
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